When She Was Bad | 13 by Wondery | Morbid Network

When She Was Bad | 13

from The Rewatcher: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

by Wondery | Morbid Network

Published: Mon Dec 19 2022

Show Notes

We are back for season 2 baby!!! After a summer of self-reflection and time spent with her dad, Buffy is reunited with the Scooby Gang, but something about her seems…off. She’s acting rude and bitchy…like Cordelia-level bitchy. And if that wasn’t enough drama, the Master is back (kinda) and haunting Buffy in her dreams, while the Anointed One is causing all kinds of shit in Sunnydale. If this is just the beginning of Season 2 we are gripping on for dear life to see what comes next. 

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