14 of 15: A Massive Revelation by audiochuck

14 of 15: A Massive Revelation

from The Deck Investigates

by audiochuck

Published: Thu Mar 09 2023

Show Notes

We consult an expert in hopes of getting answers to questions in Darlene Hulse’s autopsy report, and what he reveals turns everything we thought we knew upside down, not just about Darlene’s last living moments but also the man who killed her.

Click HERE to sign the petition and demand justice for Darlene Hulse.

If you believe you have information about Darlene Hulse’s 1984 abduction and murder in Argos, Indiana, please email thedeck@audiochuck.com.

To view information and photos referenced in this episode, visit https://thedeckpodcast.com/massive-revelation/

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