Husband’s Google Searches and A True Dirty Jane Story  by Sony Music Entertainment / Heather McDonald

Husband’s Google Searches and A True Dirty Jane Story

from Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

by Sony Music Entertainment / Heather McDonald

Published: Thu Jan 19 2023

Show Notes

The missing mom’s husband has been arrested for her murder based on his blatant Google searches. Madonna is going on tour! Britney is a Juicy Scooper, but I don’t believe she is in Maui. Idaho murder suspect DM’d one of the victims. A mysterious death in Mexico involves an OC Public Defender. Jamie Lee Curtis posted and then deleted disturbing art featuring a child. Kyle Richards speaks up. Kristin Chenoweth regrets not suing CBS. Go to this Sister Wife’s retreat and earn yourself a spot on Juicy Scoop. Then I speak to Cortney LaCorte, whose recently divorced Dad fell in love with a woman who only can best be described as “A Dirty Jane.” This story is a cautionary tale that, unfortunately is becoming more and more common as our seniors join dating apps. This is a roller coaster of a story.

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