Mary "Frankie" Harvey (Jack of Hearts, Massachusetts) by audiochuck

Mary "Frankie" Harvey (Jack of Hearts, Massachusetts)

from The Deck

by audiochuck

Published: Wed Aug 31 2022

Show Notes

Our card this week is Mary "Frankie" Harvey, the Jack of Hearts from Massachusetts.

In November 1980, 13-year-old Frankie Harvey was shot and left to die in a gravel pit in Wrentham, Massachusetts. The Rhode Island girl had vanished on Thanksgiving and while her family was waiting for her to show back up, police in Massachusetts were trying to figure out who she was. Ballistics testing later showed that her murder was connected to the murder of Frank Cannon in Pawtucket, Rhode Island … but no real investigation involving both cases has been done until now.

If you have information about Frank Cannon’s 1982 murder, call the Rhode Island cold case tip line at 877-747-6583.

Or if you know anything about Frankie Harvey’s 1980 murder, please call the Wrentham Police Department at 508-384-2121or the Massachusetts State Police at 855-627-6583.

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