Jenny Lin (Queen of Hearts, California) Part 1 by audiochuck

Jenny Lin (Queen of Hearts, California) Part 1

from The Deck

by audiochuck

Published: Wed Aug 24 2022

Show Notes

Our card this week is Jenny Lin, the Queen of Hearts from California.

In 1994, the brutal murder of a 14-year-old inside her parents' safe suburban house left a community shaken to its core, because not only had a bright and talented life been suddenly snuffed out, but police struggled to find a motive. And the more clues they uncovered, the more investigators realized the nightmare they were dealing with: Jenny Lin’s murder was more than a crime of opportunity —it had been carefully planned. For nearly 30 years, Jenny’s murder has weighed on Alameda County and terrorized detectives as they’ve pondered the same question over and over since 1994: why Jenny?

If you have any information about the murder of Jenny Lin on May 27, 1994, please contact the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office at 510-667-3636,or call the Jenny Lin hotline at 855-4-JENNY-LIN. There’s currently a $200,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Jenny’s killer.

To donate to the The Jenny Lin Foundation, visit: jennylinfoundation.org

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