Inside the Prince Harry Book Blitz and What It Means for the Monarchy by Vox Media

Inside the Prince Harry Book Blitz and What It Means for the Monarchy

from On with Kara Swisher

by Vox Media

Published: Thu Jan 19 2023

Show Notes

He was King Charles’s Communications Chief for almost a decade. She wrote the book on Charles (literally).Our guests today – Patrick Harverson and Catherine Mayer – are two insiders who take us beyond the media spectacle and into the inner workings of both the Crown and the British media. They consider whether the revelations inside Prince Harry’s best-selling book “Spare” will shake-up a stodgy palace. They discuss the unquenching hunger of the tabloid machine, debate the resilience of the monarchy – and examine whether the response to this royal controversy hints at a deeper culture war brewing in Britain. Finally, they unpack an emotion that permeates Harry’s pages: grief.

Kara and Nayeema taped this episode in London where they were joined by Brooke Hammerling, a strategic communications expert and Kara’s go-to source for all things royal. Before and after the interview, the trio looks at how people on both sides of the pond are responding to the book’s many revelations. And Brooke shares why a tell-all … may not have been the best strategy for Harry and Meghan.

You can find Kara and Nayeema on Twitter at @karaswisher and @nayeema.

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