Deux Moi: Anon Pls, Obvs by Stassi Schroeder Clark

Deux Moi: Anon Pls, Obvs

from Straight Up With Stassi

by Stassi Schroeder Clark

Published: Wed Mar 01 2023

Show Notes

This week, Stassi talks to the voice behind @DeuxMoi, basically our modern day gossip girl. In case you don't follow DeuxMoi (are you living under a rock?), it's an account on instagram that posts blind tips and sightings of celebrities - a curator of pop culture, if you will. DeuxMoi's popularity skyrocketed during 2020and she's successfully expanded her brand into a book, podcast, merch line, and more.

On the episode, Stassi asks Deux about dirt she might have on Stassi's favorite celebrities, Stassi finds out what gossip Deux has on her and the cast of Vanderpump Rules, and they talk about some of Deux's posting boundaries as well as how she organizes all of her tips into files (very interesting btw!).