New Season Kick-Off, Training Camp Battles & Conspiracy Theories | Ep 51 by Wave Sports + Entertainment

New Season Kick-Off, Training Camp Battles & Conspiracy Theories | Ep 51

from New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce

by Wave Sports + Entertainment

Published: Thu Aug 31 2023

Show Notes

92%ers we are finally back with a new season of New Heights presented by our friends at Accelerator Active Energy!

In this episode, we get Jason’s thoughts on the upcoming “Kelce” documentary (),why Travis needs some work on baby security, how it feels to get ranked in the NFL’s Top 100 (),and if Sexy Batman is now the official sex symbol of Philadelphia ().

We also break down everything that happened at Chiefs and Eagles training camps. From Travis’ new stache (),the “extracurriculars” that happened in practices (),why Jason is fine with Chris Jones holding out…at least until after Week 11, thoughts on dad shaming (),and how conspiracy theories can help bring a team together ().

We will be back with new episodes every Wednesday during the NFL season. Make sure to follow us out on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok for all the best moments from the show.



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