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There and Gone: South Street

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Latest episode: Mon Jul 08 2024

There and Gone: South Street covers the case of Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo. Richard and Danielle were last seen leaving a bar in Philadelphia only to never be seen again. Nearly two decades later, they have never been found. Unlike most cases, there is not a single piece of physical evidence. But the FBI knows there was foul play. In There and Gone: South Street, the podcast team opens their own investigation on Richard and Danielle’s case with unprecedented access and cooperation from the FBI. Listeners will also hear from the family of the missing, close friends who were the last to see Richard and Danielle as well as local law enforcement, who continue to be haunted by this case nearly two decades later. This podcast will seek to find answers to this decades long cold case in an effort to bring justice to Richard and Danielle’s families.

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