#308 – Ryan Graves: UFOs, Fighter Jets, and Aliens by Lex Fridman

#308 – Ryan Graves: UFOs, Fighter Jets, and Aliens

from Lex Fridman Podcast

by Lex Fridman

Published: Mon Aug 01 2022

Show Notes

Lt. Ryan Graves is a former Navy fighter pilot, who has worked on advanced research and development programs for DARPA, Office of Naval Research, and Air Force Research Labs on topics of multi-agent collaborative autonomy, AI-assisted air-to-air combat, and manned-unmanned teaming technologies. Ryan and people in his squadron detected and engaged with UFOs on multiple occasions, and he has been one of the few people willing to speak publicly about these experiences. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: – GiveWell: https://www.givewell.org/ and use code LEX – Notion: https://notion.com/startups to get up to $1000off team plan –