Vishen Lakhiani ON: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Out of Any Rut & How to Change Your Heart By Changing Your Mind by iHeartPodcasts

Vishen Lakhiani ON: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Out of Any Rut & How to Change Your Heart By Changing Your Mind

from On Purpose with Jay Shetty

by iHeartPodcasts

Published: Mon Oct 10 2022

Show Notes

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Today, I talk to Vishen Lakhiani. Vishen is an author and entrepreneur in the ed-tech space. He is the founder of Mindvalley, an education technology company building a new model for human education that aims to give everyone the same quality of life. Mindvalley creates tech and platforms that power online academies in areas that traditional education ignores. These include mindfulness, personal growth, wellness, spirituality and more. His quest is to help move humanity to a more holistic, integrated education system that caters for the whole being.

Vishen, joining us again for another soulful conversation, strongly believes that compassion is what gives us real and genuine happiness. As he explains why compassion is the foundation to achieving all things positive in our life, how self compassion reinforces self love which leads to self care, and the disciplines we must practice so we can attain genuine happiness. We also dive into the definition of sadness, changing our perspective to turn sadness into love and compassion, and the importance of having a vision of the future, of having a clear idea of the path you want to make and take.

No matter how far and long our life goals may be, self compassion and being compassionate towards others will eventually lead to having a peaceful, content, and well-meaning life.

What We Discuss:

  • Intro
  • What was your first meditation experience?
  • How do you use meditation in your life?
  • Compassion is something you do for yourself
  • When did we lose compassion?
  • Compassion as a technique and a quality of being
  • What is happiness?
  • Channeling sadness into love and compassion
  • How do you stop sadness from turning into guilt?
  • How to avoid having narcissistic tendencies
  • Have a vision for the future
  • Don’t get held back by old things
  • What defines a good meditation?
  • Testing the parameters of your destiny

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