10 Types of People You Will Meet in Your Life & How to Deal with Each of Them by iHeartPodcasts

10 Types of People You Will Meet in Your Life & How to Deal with Each of Them

from On Purpose with Jay Shetty

by iHeartPodcasts

Published: Fri Apr 08 2022

Show Notes

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Throughoutour lives, we will meet different types of people with different personalities, backgrounds, and journeys. Some, we may connect with easily. Some, we may find hard to be with. If these encounters with people who get to be part of your life, whether positively or negatively, are inevitable, we may as well learn how to deal with them.

In this episode of On Purpose, Jay Shetty shares the varying types of people we get to interact with and how we can navigate through difficult situations with them and around them.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Intro
  • We assume that people think like us
  • Type #1: The Overachiever, the Productive one
  • Type #2: The Carefree or the Time-Waster
  • Type #3: The undercover Envious or Jealous one
  • Type #4: The Supporter for no reason
  • Type #5: The Needy one
  • Type #6: The Tough one
  • Type #7: The Self-Centered one
  • Type #8: The Generous one
  • Type #9: The Playful one
  • Type #10: The Parental one

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