5 Different Types of People We Fall in Love With & Why Seeking External Validation is Negatively Impacting You (Special Episode) by iHeartPodcasts

5 Different Types of People We Fall in Love With & Why Seeking External Validation is Negatively Impacting You (Special Episode)

from On Purpose with Jay Shetty

by iHeartPodcasts

Published: Fri Mar 31 2023

Show Notes

Today, I am going to share with you another snippet from my latest book, 8 Rules of Love. This time, we will talk about karma. Rule #2: Don’t Ignore Your Karma - in this chapter we take a look at how first and early impressions on love shape our future relationship choices, the different personality types we get drawn to and why, the tendency to look for validation from others when seeking love, and how we should learn from our past relationships.

You can order my new book 8 RULES OF LOVE at 8rulesoflove.com or at a retail store near you. You can also get the chance to see me live on my first ever world tour. This is a 90 minute interactive show where I will take you on a journey of finding, keeping and even letting go of love. Head to jayshettytour.com and find out if I'll be in a city near you. Thank you so much for all your support - I hope to see you soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intro
  • Rule #2: Don’t Ignore Your Karma
  • The Karma Cycle - From the time we are born, choices are made for us.
  • Karma and Relationships - This is how our early impressions affect our future choices
  • Our expectations and desires around relationships are shaped after our earliest experiences of love
  • Parental Gifts and Gaps - The four pillars that help us establish relationship dynamics
  • No matter how imperfect the situation we were born into, we can learn from our karma
  • Emotional Support - What kind of love and emotional support your parents have given you?
  • We are hardwired to look outward to others for validation and satisfaction
  • Scenemtic images of love set the standard for how love should occur and make us feel we aren’t achieving the level of romance that we should
  • First Love - Our ideas of love are also shaped by our first loves
  • Type #1: The Rebel - Adventure and mystery does not necessarily give way to loyalty and responsibility
  • Type #2: The Chase - Getting drawn to someone who isn’t emotionally available
  • Type #3: The Project - You’re not equals and you’re investing more in the relationship
  • When you date someone who sleeps around and doesn’t want to commit
  • The Opulent One: If someone is attractive we tend to assign positive attributes to them
  • Reflect and learn from a past relationship
  • 01: What approach do you use to attract someone?
  • What you want from someone else, first give to yourself

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