How To Make The 4 Most Important Decisions In Life That Impact 90% Of Your Happiness & Avoid Unnecessary Pain And Stress by iHeartPodcasts

How To Make The 4 Most Important Decisions In Life That Impact 90% Of Your Happiness & Avoid Unnecessary Pain And Stress

from On Purpose with Jay Shetty

by iHeartPodcasts

Published: Fri Jun 16 2023

Show Notes

If you are at a crossroad and can't seem to decide what to do next, then this episode is for you.

When you're stuck and are still trying to find your purpose, you're in the right place.

I am so excited to share with you the conversation I had with Anas Bukhash, a Dubai native motivational speaker. He is a notable figure in the UAE's entrepreneurial and motivational landscape.

It is truly enlightening when a conversation doesn't just focus on finding love and how to be in service to others, but also touches on how we can rise from making bad choices in life.

Anas has laid out some of the most challenging yet motivating questions where I talk about why we shouldn't pass along the generational trauma we picked up from our parents and the good and bad side of our ego. Yes, ego can be beneficial when we learn to acknowledge that success is a team effort.

On to the topic of my personal journey, I open up about how I dealt with loss and grief, the pivots I had made that completely changed the trajectory of my life, and overcoming the adversaries that came with it.

What's the biggest lesson I've learned to this day? The truth that happiness can't be forced. It comes naturally when you know how to love yourself by staying healthy.

Today, you will learn:

- How to live a life of purpose

- The important choices we make that greatly impacts our goals

- How to deal with the loss of a loved one or friend

- The level of emotional mastery we need to develop

- How to use ego to your advantage

- The truth about generational trauma

- The real definition of genuine love

Don't miss this life changing conversation that revolves around personal growth, healing, and making better life choices.

With Love and Gratitude,

Jay Shetty

What We Discuss:

  • Intro
  • How are you really doing right now? How has life been lately?
  • Who are you? How would you describe yourself to others?
  • We are surrounded by things that are in service for others
  • If given the chance to draw your mental state, what will you draw?
  • If you were to describe your childhood in three words, what would they be?
  • Coping with grief and how to learn to reflect from the loss
  • How do you attain emotional mastery?
  • Confidence and ego are two separate things, and here’s why
  • Why did you leave the monk life? How did you integrate back into the real world?
  • How do you wake up with purpose and discipline?
  • Don’t try to be happy, instead pursue what’s healthy in your life
  • What one lesson will you teach a child?
  • Finding healing from your childhood trauma and continuously working on yourself
  • How do you define love?
  • Falling is a critical part of whether people were living a fulfilled in life or not
  • What does the Cube test tell about you?
  • Let’s play the AB Talks game
  • What is your greatest fear?
  • If you were on your deathbed, what would be your last words to your loved ones?
  • Keep speaking your truth, that’s all you have
  • If you could choose three people on a dinner table, who would you choose?

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