7 Relationship Doubts People Have & How To Know If you’re Truly Compatible by iHeartPodcasts

7 Relationship Doubts People Have & How To Know If you’re Truly Compatible

from On Purpose with Jay Shetty

by iHeartPodcasts

Published: Fri Oct 29 2021

Show Notes

Trust issues are one of the biggest reasons relationships don’t last. Trust issues, as they build up, lead to arguments, disagreements, and discontent, and eventually that intimacy and connection you have with your partner is lost.

Doubts then overtake and plague the mind and the heart. And when we are driven by doubts, we lose trust, we lose love, and sadly, we eventually lose the relationship we fought so hard to keep.

In this episode of On Purpose, Jay Shetty lists down the different kinds of doubts that affect most relationships and how we can turn these around to save our relationship.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Intro
  • The doubts you have in a relationship is not isolated to you
  • Doubt #1: Are they still into me?
  • Doubt #2: Can I trust them?
  • Think Like a Monk: The stages of trust
  • Doubt #3: Are they actually listening to me?
  • Doubt #4: Should I try to save this relationship?
  • Doubt #5: Have we lost our spark?
  • Doubt #6: Are they cheating on you?
  • Doubt #7: Do we have a future together?

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