Dr. Daniel Amen ON: How to Change Your Life By Changing Your Brain & the Lies About Happiness That Are Increasing Depression by iHeartPodcasts

Dr. Daniel Amen ON: How to Change Your Life By Changing Your Brain & the Lies About Happiness That Are Increasing Depression

from On Purpose with Jay Shetty

by iHeartPodcasts

Published: Mon Sep 26 2022

Show Notes

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Today, I sit down with our third time guest, the one and only Dr. Daniel Amen. Dr. Amen is a physician, double board-certified psychiatrist, twelve-time NY Times bestselling author, and founder and CEO of Amen Clinics, with 10 US locations. Dr. Amen is the author of many books including the mega-bestseller Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, as well as The End of Mental Illness, Memory Rescue, Healing ADD and Your Brain Is Always Listening. In March 2022,Tyndale will publish his new book, You, Happier: The 7 Neuroscience Secrets of Feeling Good Based on Your Brain Type.

Dr. Amen emphasizes the importance of our brain health. He explains how taking care of our brain and mental health is a constant daily practice, comparing the things we do to boost our brain health to eating foods that will love our body back, foods that we love to eat and are beneficial to our health. We share our thoughts on why our generation is the unhappiest and uncontented, what we can do to boost our happiness hormones, and how happiness is always tied to our health.

Get more science-based tips from Dr. Amen to achieve a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life despite the challenges and difficulties we may be going through today.

What We Discuss:

  • Intro
  • A healthy mind starts with a healthy brain
  • Activities that damage our brains
  • Brain and mental health is a daily practice
  • Accurate thinking versus positive thinking
  • Love food that loves you back
  • Focus on the micro moments of happiness
  • Why are we the unhappiest generation?
  • Did you experience childhood trauma?
  • Targeted nutrients to boost happiness
  • What’s your brain type?
  • Seek happiness in the context of health
  • Dr. Amen on Final Five

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