Adam Goldston ON: Productivity, Time Management & How To Make Better Decisions by iHeartPodcasts

Adam Goldston ON: Productivity, Time Management & How To Make Better Decisions

from On Purpose with Jay Shetty

by iHeartPodcasts

Published: Mon Feb 21 2022

Show Notes

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Jay Shetty sits down with Adam Goldston to talk about his entrepreneurial journey. It started with what was then considered a wild idea from two 22-year olds and has ended with a brand that has been revolutionized with technology for maximum comfort and performance. Adam’s story is one that truly is inspirational for he isn’t just a businessman but a person who has learned to turn negativity into opportunities and creativity.

Adam Goldston, together with his brother Ryan, founded Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) at the age of 22. As former two sport collegiate athletes, playing both basketball and football at the University of Southern California, Adam and Ryan created APL with a vision to make revolutionary products symbolizing the intersection of luxury and performance. Today APL is globally recognized as a world leader in Men’s and Women’s athletic footwear and apparel.

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What to Listen For:

  • Intro
  • You always focus on where you want to be
  • Changing your environment when you believe you need to
  • Hearing important things at the right moment and then doing it
  • Exposure to footwear technology since childhood
  • Embracing the negative and turning it into a positive
  • When faced with negative emotions, embrace and process it
  • When making decisions, anchor them in clear deliverables
  • Doing things that we don't truthfully believe in
  • Three things to do to successfully turn an idea into a business
  • Knowing what schedule works best for you
  • Redefining effectiveness and efficiency
  • Leaving your comfort zone for inspiration and creativity
  • Adam on Final Five

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